May 12, 2009 - Chaos Enhanced

I’m now officially on the war path with my Chaos remake; I’m chasing Julian Gollop, and I’m spending a lot of time planning the details of the server. It’s proving to be easily the largest and most complex project I’ve ever tackled by a huge margin, and so I want to get things right from the beginning, rather than turn the codebase into hacks supporting hacks.

As a result of the work I’ve been doing lately, I think it’s now safe to ‘release’ the unfinished, somewhat buggy original Flash version that I did a while back. It’s no indication on the way the new rewrite is going to look (the interface is as temporary as it gets, for instance) but it shows some of the ideas I’ve had – not least being the move to an isometric viewpoint.

Two turns in and it's already going nuts - ah I love Chaos!

Two turns in and it's already going nuts - ah I love Chaos!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the link. There’s no real configuration, no multiplayer, and gooey blobs, magic fire and mounts can act decidedly strangely at times, and these bugs were the reason I abandoned this codebase – the main class alone had turned into a thousand lines of semi-procedural hacks!

March 17, 2009 - ColorShift initial release

As promised, I’ve added the slightly fettled version of ColorShift (as it’s now known – yes I’m English, no I won’t spell it ‘colour’ because I’m a webdev) to the site. Currently it’s in a pretty sorry state and only just works via the crutches of pure hackery that keep it standing…

… okay a bit melodramatic but you get the gist. Go get it!