August 8, 2014 - Phaser Isometric plug-in

Recently, as part of my continued work on Archaos (yes, I’m still working on it, never fear!) I put together an isometric (well, axonometric to be a little less precise) renderer for Richard Davey‘s wonderful Phaser HTML5 game development framework. It’s got a nice adjustable axonometric projection helper, a simple and fast physics engine based on Phaser’s own bread-and-butter Arcade Physics, and it’s probably close to production ready. I deliberately kept the system simple, and the API as close to the existing Phaser API as possible to allow for quick adoption, and it plugs in pretty much seamlessly.

You can view the microsite I put together for it here, browse the repo (and maybe even if you feel like it, or spot some of my horrendous and inevitable broken maths, contribute) on GitHub here, view the API docs here, and I’ll also be posting some simple examples to demonstrate the various features shortly. Enjoy!

  • Thanks for that!

    I was thinking on doing an isometric game using phaser.