June 22, 2009 - Just say no

Dear Apple,

First let me say I love your iPhone, and I admire what you’re doing in the gadget market – it’s simply brilliant work and I’m behind you 100%. I do however have one small request:


Not in the next version – NOW. If you introduce a feature, have the common sense to realise there are some people in the world who would like to toggle that feature. When you implemented say, the repeat message alert, did you think there may be occasions when a user may not want to be reminded that he or she’d received a text at 3am in the morning, and their iPhone is in its dock on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM, and so that means getting out of bed and looking at the damn thing just to shut it up?

Oh and you didn’t just slip up with the iPhone. What about when I’m using remote in iTunes? Say I want to have iTunes hidden well away in the system tray while I’m working on my PC (and I don’t want to look at it because its interface makes me cry) and then I may decide I want to pick a tune from my songs playlist. Why does iTunes have to pop up to say hello? If I minimised it, and I’m controlling it via Remote, is there ANY good reason why it has to appear on my screen? Just let me keep it minimised where I want it Apple, it’s not a big ask!

I understand that in many cases you know best, and you invent novel – nay genius ways to interact with your products – I’d just like the ability to once in a while be able to choose to use some of these features.



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