December 4, 2012 - Chaos font

With the aid of @andy_herbert, Pentacom’s online bitmap font maker and CR8 Software’s Type Light, I’ve managed to create a crisp OpenType version of the font from the original Chaos, with a few tweaks and the addition of a (nearly) full latin and eastern European character set.

Pardon my Polish…

I’m not sure yet whether or not this font will go into Archaos however I’m happy to provide the font free for all to use as they wish – though giving Julian Gollop credit for the design of the original font would be encouraged, naturally.

Anyway, you may download the font below.

[download id=”2″]

January 17, 2010 - Chaos Enhanced Enhanced

As another little aside, I’ve hacked in some configuration for Chaos Enhanced. Use the form below to launch a game with your desired settings – though please note that this is an abandoned demo with missing features and bugs!

Forgive the awful form and jQuery... it was quick!

November 28, 2009 - ColorShift 0.7 (eek!)

Hot on the heels of 0.6, now you can set offsets on a per-selector basis. This means you can alter multi-coloured websites in a relative way! Yay! Download it here.

Note the ‘styles’ item is now (correctly) called ‘attributes’.

Update: 0.71 quick bugfix release! Fixed not working in IE7 (boo!)

- ColorShift 0.6

Sooner rather than later it seems, you can now download Rotates ColorShift 0.6 and bask in its amazingness.

The main change is how you set your selectors; instead of writing your own jQuery to target the elements you want to change, you feed rotColShiftOpts.cssTransforms with an array of objects. This is what uses:

		selector: "a, h2, h3, h4, h5",
		styles: [
		selector: "#header, #searchsubmit",
		styles: [

Actually it was a bit of a struggle, as I wanted to abandon the DOM-based approach to changing the CSS of every individual element, and go for a global stylesheet change. Easy you say? Just .append/.text a style element. Well, yes, in all decent browsers. Sadly, the IE family seems unwilling to let you tamper with the style element so easily, and jQuery (at the moment) has no elegant way around it. So out came the ‘Lew hacking pants’ with the following solution:

ieStyle = document.createStyleSheet();

$.each(rotColShiftOpts.cssTransforms, function(i, ttrans) {
	newColor = getColorWithOffsets(hue, saturation, brightness, ttrans.offsets);
	var tstyles = "";
	$.each(ttrans.attributes, function(i, ts) {
		tstyles += ts + ": " + newColor + ";";
	tmpTransforms += ttrans.selector + "{ " + tstyles + " } ";

if ($.browser.msie) { // *sigh*
	ieStyle.cssText = tmpTransforms;
else {

Anyway the result is that you a) get a better, easier to use syntax for applying the changes to page elements, and b) can be safe in the knowledge the styles will be applied to all elements on the page (even generated ones)  just like CSS should be. Enjoy!