November 2, 2012 - Julian Gollop has an announcement to make…

Earlier on I got wind of news that very nearly made my heart stop.

Yes, Julian Gollop – creator of the original Chaos, of the original X-Com, and of many other seminal classics, has begun work on his own remake of Chaos using Unity 3D to initially target PC, Mac and iOS. He also stated:

…which bodes well for it sticking to the original winning formula.

Development on the game has only just begun, and Julian is currently looking for good artists. He has estimated that the game will take around a year to finish, so we’ll all have to be patient.

I guess the recent massive success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown has brought Gollop back to the forefront and given him the motivation needed to revisit what has to be in my (and many other people’s) opinion one of the greatest games of all time.

Julian, if you read this, I wish you all the very best with your remake. Chaos has been crying out to be remade for a modern market, and a market that’s now clearly in the right place to readily accept a multi-platform turn-based strategy title such as this.

What however does this mean for Archaos? Surely with this title coming out, it makes Archaos obsolete and possibly in danger of legal action as it will directly compete with Julian’s version on the same platforms?

Sometimes it really is worth meeting your heroes.

  • Richard Phipps

    Julian released Chaos into the Public Domain anyway – so that means remakes are not a legal problem.

  • lewster32

    I didn’t realise it was PD? Julian told me he technically still owned the rights to it, but always allowed people to remake the game and even charge for it as long as they credited him for the original.

  • It’s definitely a red-letter day for Chaos fans. I’m really looking forward to playing Archaos and Julian’s re-imagining of the game, and I think it’s fantastic that he has also given his blessing towards this project.

    Almost 30 years later and Chaos is still going strong!

  • Stephen Carlyle-Smith

    I wrote my own Chaos-related Android game called Sorcerers, so I’m glad there’s no IP worries for me. A pity that he’s not covering Android himself since Unity3 D does work on Android.

  • lewster32

    He has said that Android will be a possibility, especially as he’s very interested in the OUYA, which is Android-based.