May 12, 2009 - Chaos Enhanced

I’m now officially on the war path with my Chaos remake; I’m chasing Julian Gollop, and I’m spending a lot of time planning the details of the server. It’s proving to be easily the largest and most complex project I’ve ever tackled by a huge margin, and so I want to get things right from the beginning, rather than turn the codebase into hacks supporting hacks.

As a result of the work I’ve been doing lately, I think it’s now safe to ‘release’ the unfinished, somewhat buggy original Flash version that I did a while back. It’s no indication on the way the new rewrite is going to look (the interface is as temporary as it gets, for instance) but it shows some of the ideas I’ve had – not least being the move to an isometric viewpoint.

Two turns in and it's already going nuts - ah I love Chaos!

Two turns in and it's already going nuts - ah I love Chaos!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the link. There’s no real configuration, no multiplayer, and gooey blobs, magic fire and mounts can act decidedly strangely at times, and these bugs were the reason I abandoned this codebase – the main class alone had turned into a thousand lines of semi-procedural hacks!

  • Gaz

    This is sweet mate well done. I fantasize about making my own chaos remake one day but you’re actually doing it so hats off to you. How configurable is it going to be? Would be superb if you could configure subtleties such as creature agressiveness, and how far an ai creature is willing to travel away from it’s wizard)

  • The way I’m putting it together is mega-modular, everything plugs into everything else as needed. As such, all of these tweaks will be possible and indeed one of the things I’m really looking forward to is the AI, and giving enemy wizards their own distinct personality traits (cowardly wizards surrounding themselves with walls, shadow wood, castles etc, and on the other end all-out attack wizards who go for magic wings and then try to fly around the board hurling lightning and magic bolts at you – and all levels in-between of course!)

    Once it’s possible to have a complete game from start to finish without any major show-stoppers, I’m going to make it open source and invite others to contribute to it, so there’s still time for you to learn AS3 😉

  • Gaz

    I’m really liking what I hear, a nice modular approach should make it easier for other programmers to get involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the best version out there

  • I just stumbled across this page and am quite interested in the Flash version. Is it an active project? Have you abandoned it in favour of your new version? I have been mulling over a Chaos remake for quite a while and would be interested in talking to you about it. I am also currently working (wrestling) with server side technologies, I may have some useful input.

  • Yes this is still an active project, and the initial platform will indeed be Flash, though the plan is to develop a server that can drive client versions for many platforms. This will come after the initial release, however the client’s internal workings will for the moment emulate a server (in much the same way many fps games work, where the client connects to the server internally to play single-player)

    By all means get in touch! My email address is ‘septimus’ at this domain (I’d be more explicit than that but I’m wary of spam at the moment until I put an obfuscator into WordPress!)

  • Hi Septimus, I have added this to the list of Chaos remakes at


  • Septimus, can I use the above screenshot for the Wikia?

  • I’ve added the screenshot myself (as you no doubt have seen!) but feel free in the future to use any screenshots, text or whatever that I post on here.

  • aza

    This looks very nice indeed! Im looking foward to the full verison…hows the progress going mate???

  • Thanks! Work continues at a slow pace – it’s hard to say when the first version will be released but when it is, it’ll be well announced!

  • Spin O’Chicken

    The CSS on these pages makes my eyes ejaculate pain and suffering. You can’t read links, they’re in white on off-white. You can’t read the labels for fields for the comment form, it’s in grey on grey. Either this is a hideous mistake, a bug, or you’re the worlds most evil web designer who plans to take over the world by turning people’s brains into slop…

  • Spin O’Chicken

    Oh, the links being in white is related to the centre slider at the top, apparently. I can fix that part. Can’t seem to fix the grey on grey on the comment form though.

    n00b alert :/

  • MacDeath

    That’s really good, love it. I was toying with a remake of Chaos now I’ve finished Dungeonquest. I made a board game of Chaos using Heroscape hex pieces, DM miniatures and home made spell cards borrowed from the original concept and from MTG, works really well. Keep up the good work.

  • How is the progress?

  • SL

    unlikely as Julian Gollop made an actual remake last year and it’s on the steam store.

  • True, but it’s nothing like the original which is what I wanted to play 🙁

  • SL

    Me too, didn’t like the remake (tested it last night).. but I doubt they’d release the rights to the original with the new game on sale. 🙁

  • lewster32

    Sadly progress has halted on Archaos. I’m rather underwhelmed with Chaos Reborn myself; it lacks the pace and the excitement of a totally blank board quickly filling with clutter and mayhem. Julian did however personally give me permission to create, release and indeed sell if I so wished a remake of Chaos, so there’s still some hope!

  • SL

    That’s good of him 🙂